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Minecraft is about to get a new boss says Mojang - and a villager

Minecraft, the seminal building game from Mojang, is about to get a whole-new boss, according to a post from the developer - and one kindly Minecraft villager.

Minecraft is about to get a new boss says Mojang - and a villager: A player from Mojang building game Minecraft stands among a field of flowers and grass

It’s been almost a year since one of the toughest new bosses, The Warden, was introduced to Minecraft. But now Mojang – with the help of one kindly, but slightly confused villager – seems to confirm that a whole-new boss enemy will shortly be making its way to the definitive building game, possibly to coincide with the Minecraft 1.20 release date.

Strongholds, pretty landscapes, and lots of rare loot are essential to the best Minecraft seeds, but you also want some tough mobs and threatening bosses to keep you on your toes. The Warden, The Wither, and of course the Ender Dragon itself – fighting and defeating these top-tier mobs is fundamental to your Minecraft campaign.

Now, thanks to an official Mojang update, it looks very much like we’re getting a whole-new Minecraft boss. In a recent ‘Ask Mojang’ video, the developer pushes one slightly baffled-looking villager in front of camera to field the question ‘do you have plans for adding a new boss?’ After a lot of erm-ing and ah-ing, I think we can detect a definite nod.

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We’re expecting the Minecraft 1.20 update around summer 2023, so potentially a new boss will arrive at the same time. If something wicked really is coming this way, you’re going to want to know how to find Minecraft diamonds to get your armour and weapons ready. We’ll keep on eye on all the Mojang updates and update you with any further news on a new Minecraft boss.

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