Notch just bought a house


Notch has moved to Tracy Island, off of Thunderbirds. Or Franklin’s house in GTA V – the one with the infinity pool and the view over Los Santos. Those are the only two reference points we have for the ‘megamansion’ the cuddly Minecraft creator has bought for $70 million, much to the rumoured chagrin of rival would-be homeowners Beyonce and Jay-Z. It’s the highest price ever paid for a house in Beverly Hills.

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy this moment with the self-proclaimed “nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter”.

The 23,000-square-foot new building incorporates eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a movie theatre, car showroom, two bars and a candy room. Its 54-foot curved glass door opens onto the pool.

The listing called the house an “overwhelming sensory experience” – presumably in reference to the tower of M&Ms, giant grenade art, 18-foot onyx dining table and replica James Dean motorbike.

“Overseas buyers are an increasingly important market for ultra-luxury trophy properties in Los Angeles,” said the John Aaroe Group, who represented Persson in the six-day deal.

“Trophy properties in LA are underpriced compared with other world cities so buyers can enjoy the lifestyle now and know they will make a solid profit in the future.”

I think our Steve might have miscalculated Notch’s slice of Microsoft’s $2.5 billion in the wake of their Mojang deal, don’t you?