Overwatch’s Doomfist and all his abilities have been recreated in vanilla Minecraft


People are always making incredible creations in Minecraft, from massive mechs to actual working mobile phones. Many of the creations require some mods, but this latest, which adds Overwatch’s Doomfist, is made entirely in vanilla Minecraft. 

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All of Doomfist’s abilities are fully recreated: there’s a self-reloading Hand Cannon; there’s his wall-cracking Rocket Punch; there’s the Street Fighter-esque Rising Uppercut; and you can even vanish into the sky and rain down on your enemies with his ultimate, Meteor Strike.

Just head to McMakistein’s siteto download the resource pack and commands. Watch the video above for a demonstration to see how you can get started.

If you like that, you should check out some of his older creations, too. He’s made Reaper, which you can see below:

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