The PC and Mac version of Minecraft has sold ten million copies (and horses are coming)


The PC and Mac version of Minecraft has just sold it’s ten millionth copy. Someone, somewhere has clicked a button that has propelled the sales counter on the Minecraft website into eight figures. Ten million copies. Ten million. Copies.

I wonder who has that copy, where they are and if they’re even aware of what they’ve done, of the monumental significance of their action, bestowed upon them as it is by our base ten numeral system. I wonder if they even know that ten million copies of Minecraft are out there. I wonder if, through an elaborate series of misclicks, they actually meant to order their shopping online through Ocado and now they’re patiently waiting for a van full of cabbages and carrots to drive up to their house.

Ten million copies sold.

Apparently, even more copies have been sold on other platforms, though I wouldn’t know anything about that. I don’t mix well with other users and that’s why I’m kept indoors, kept in here.

Ten million copies of Minecraft have been sold on the PC and the Mac and yet this game is still growing, there’s still more to come and as head developer Jeb recently tweeted, the team at Mojang are already putting together features for version 1.6.

Edit: Horses are coming.