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Phishers leak 1,800 Minecraft players' details to the web

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Phishing scammers have published more than 1,800 Minecraft usernames and passwords to the web. Mojang have already contacted everyone affected by the release and assure us that they’ve not been hacked.

If you’ve not been contacted by Mojang then you don’t need to change your password.

Phishing’s where someone convinces you to hand over private details, usually by pretending to be an official. In this instance, someone emailed Minecraft players claiming to be Mojang and asked them to confirm their account details. The phisher took those details, compiled a list and then published them to a phishers’ forum (phorum?).

Mojang’s emailed everyone whose details they discovered on the list and reset the passwords of those accounts, forcing those players to register a new password next time they try to login.

You can reset your Mojang password just to be on the safe side by going to the reset password page. In future don’t release your password details, never ever, never ever, never ever:

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unwanted avatarJoshimuz avatarDog Pants avatarInevitableCheese avatar
unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

Bound to happen when there are a ton of unattended kids. Pretty sure there are some adults too.

Joshimuz Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm sure more adults get scammed than kids everyday

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

A few easy tips for avoiding phishing scams in general:


Think before you act. Did you register your account with the email address that received the email? Does the offer sound too good to be true (because it probably is)? If you're being threatened with account deactivation, even if it's legit they aren't going to do it in the next 30 seconds.

Check a suspicious email's header before opening - the sender should be from the vendor's domain and most scammers are too lazy to spoof the address (as opposed to the display name).

If you must log on, do it through the vendor's site/game client. Don't follow links in emails.

InevitableCheese Avatar
3 Years ago

With as many players as Minecraft has, I'm surprised they didn't get away with more.