Pokemon Red is being rebuilt in Minecraft, yeah


I’ve seen some crazy things built in Minecraft – working hard drives, calculators and massive robots, to name a few – but this is by far the most ambitious and unbelievable project I’ve seen. One very talented Minecraft player is recreating Pokemon Red using vanilla Minecraft. 

Reddit user Magib1 has been working for a while on creating the game within the game, and they believe they’ll be finished within “a few months”.

Here’s a gif showing it in action:

I don’t fully understand how it works, but it’s absically swapping custom textures into view with each click.

“There’s a physical representation of the map in spawn chunks in which each block corresponds with a texture,” says its creator. “When the player clicks, a reader armor stand moves and clones the row of new textures behind the display.

“Display armor stands then detect the block type and stick the corresponding texture on their head before moving. The player model is just swapping between a static walking and standing texture.” Yes, mate.

If you are worried its creator won’t be able to deliver, it’s worth noting that they already succeeded in making a fully functioning version of Pac-Man in Minecraft previously. You can download that here. And here’s a trailer:

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