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Pokémon Red has been recreated in its entirety in Minecraft and you can play it now

Minecraft pokemon red

Update March 13, 2017: Minecraft builder MrSquishy has finally finished his recreation of Pokémon Red. Nintendo’s monster-collecting RPG has been fully ported into Minecraft using Redstone wizardry. 

I don’t really understand how he’s done it, but the entire game is available to download and play now, complete with a cool little housing chamber where the three starter Pokémon loom over you.

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Check out the brand new trailer above. It really is incredible. The entire thing was made within vanilla Minecraft, too – not a single mod was used in its creation.

That means you simply download it on the creator’s forum post link. He even went as far as to replicate the game’s iconic bugs, such as item duplication.

Cheers, PCGamer.

Original Story May 7, 2017: Remember the days when getting a railroad or rollercoaster to function correctly was a work of Redstone magic? Now a guy’s made a fully functional GameBoy with Pokémon Red in it within Minecraft.

It’s not all there yet, as MrSquishyYT told South African maker site htxt.Africa. Apparently there’s still a lot of work to do on the NPCs, but wild encounters and menus are all ready to go.

“The game doesn’t know that anyone beyond the player currently exists,” he told the site. “Adding NPCs will require a whole slew of new systems, such as stores, trainer battles, scripted events, and the ability to interact with objects in the world.”

The systems that are currently working are housed within an untold number of logic gates created by redstone mechanisms in a vast bank of compute units on the ground behind a monolithic gameboy and 8-bit monochrome “screen” of moving wool blocks to simulate pixels.

Honestly, it’s an unfathomably complex achievement. Here, look at it.

If you want to try it yourself you’ll have to wait a while, but MrSquishy has said he’ll make the map available to download. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel for whenever that happens, as well as to see his previous attempt at a much simpler Pac-Man emulator. For more Pokémon goodness, here’s the latest on Pokemon games for PC.

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