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This Minecraft Redstone chicken mini-game is baffling but wonderful

Minecraft Redstone can be used for all sorts of things in the sandbox game, but we've not seen many chicken mini-games using it before

The Minecraft Redstone chicken mini-game is odd. This image is odd too, as we've taken a Minecraft image and replaced Steve's head with a chicken head.

This Minecraft Redstone chicken mini-game is incredibly weird. It’s not as though we’re unused to seeing strange Redstone contraptions; after all, we’ve witnessed MS Paint being recreated in the game thanks to it, and even things as cool as the Ghostbusters theme song, but it doesn’t usually involve chickens like this.

Chickens are generally sort of protected in Minecraft, unless you’re building a factory farm because you need food. We’re only sort of judging you for doing so. There’s no denying that chickens are a cute Minecraft mob though, so it’s natural to enjoy watching them being guided through a little maze as part of a game. Aww, so cute… at least, that’s what you’d think.

SGHQ posted up a video on Reddit called “the something machine #2.” We’re giving away some of the spoilers here because the title clearly invites mystery, but it’s kind of a wild ride. It kicks off with the player putting a leash on a chicken, and then trapping them. From here, they get on a lift and start going down, dragging the chicken with them.

This is where the mini-game is, as you’re meant to keep the chicken alive and stop it from being squashed or burned as you and the chicken move down the course. It looks like fun, and it’s nice to see the first chicken making it all the way to the bottom after such a perilous journey. What’s confusing about this whole contraption though, is that even if you make it to the bottom, the chicken gets shot by two arrows. That’s not the victory condition we’d be aiming for here.

Maybe if the prize was Minecraft diamonds it’d make more sense, but we’d like to see the chicken live, please. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make your chicken immortal, then you should have a look at how to install Minecraft forge 1.19. You can then keep them in one of these cool Minecraft houses.