This Minecraft Redstone for Dummies video explains everything

Minecraft Redstone is one of the most complex game mechanics in any game and has changed an awful lot since its introduction long ago

A Minecraft Redstone contraption behind a Minecraft Story mode character

Minecraft Redstone is, in our professional opinion, very complicated. While the basic theory behind it is simple enough, the sheer volume of things you can achieve with it, and the number of mechanisms involved in those things, means it’s hard to understand for newcomers. That’s not the case for these three Redstone masters.

CraftyMasterman, who you might remember as the person who made a working version of Minesweeper in Minecraft, got together with two other creators to look at some Redstone videos. While the point is that they’re judging these creations, it actually serves as a good history lesson to this magical material. The first video they watch shows off a creation from 2011, and they quickly talk about all of the new devices we’ve had since then.

It turns out that things are much easier now. They describe an old technique called “Bussing,” which involved having to create mechanisms hundreds of blocks long just to do something as simple as opening and closing a door. They also show off one video at the end, which is jaw-dropping, eye-popping, and body-locking. Maybe not that last one.

The final video is from ROUK0214 who uses a mixture of different devices, blocks, and water, to create a stunning fireworks display. Not only does the display count itself in, but it then continues to explode into a rainbow of different colours frame by frame. This is impressive enough and complicated enough that even the three pros have a tough time figuring out how they made it all work.

In other impressive displays of Minecraft ingenuity, one fan took it upon themselves to make the Star Wars text crawl out of clouds.