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This student built a working digestive system in Minecraft for a science project

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The tools in Minecraft are versatile enough to build a whole lot of things. You can make famous landmarks, or working calculators, or just really cool treehouses – there’s plenty of variety among the best Minecraft builds. But now we can add a working model of the human digestive system into the mix.

You can watch the model in action through a clip on Reddit, but it’s an appropriately pink and fleshy tunnel which ferries food down from the mouth, through saliva and digestive fluids, right down to the messy bits at the end of the whole process. It’s impressive-looking years removed from any biology classes, and creator Yonda89 says it was enough to earn “full marks” for the project.

“We were allowed to make a physical or digital model,” Yonda says, “and I decided to do it on Minecraft.” The project is the result of about 30 hours of work, and was built on Minecraft Pocket Edition largely out of convenience – a family vacation would’ve made building the project on more traditional materials difficult.

We’re sure the game’s value as an educational tool is the only reason why the Minecraft player count is continuing to soar to even greater heights.

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