Minecraft skin lets you become the Sniffer

This Minecraft skin lets you wander around in the sandbox game as one of the potential new Minecraft mobs, the Sniffer, which is very cute despite the name

Minecraft skin sniffer. This image shows a skin interpretation of the Minecraft Sniffer.

This Minecraft skin can let you embody one of the noble creatures who could be added to the sandbox game in the future. We are, of course, talking about the incredible Minecraft Sniffer, a creature with a deeply unfortunate name that is a lot cuter than you’d think.

The Minecraft Sniffer is a creature that you can vote for in the upcoming Minecraft Mob Vote during Minecraft Live 2022. It’s a strange little thing that looks like an amalgam of a tortoise and a platypus, adores flowers, and lays its eggs in the water. It’s actually a prehistoric creature, which would make this the closest we’ve come to having dinosaurs officially in the game.

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The creature itself is adorable, name be damned, and if you’re feeling like a big fan of it already (as a few people seem to be), then you’ll be glad to know that you can embody it with this Minecraft skin. All you have to do is head to PlanetMinecraft and you’ll be able to grab the skin to use on your character. We’ve actually seen a couple of Minecraft skins inspired by the Sniffer, but this one is our favourite.

We’re not 100% sure yet if we’d put it on a list of the best Minecraft skins, and the humanoid interpretation is almost harrowing, but we think it balances out overall as being a good one. Of course, there are plenty of skins out there, so you will probably be able to find more if you go hunting in a few days.

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