Minecraft’s new snapshot means “snow is snowier now”

The latest Minecraft snapshot brings powder snow (and freezing) to the block builder

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ll probably know the sandbox game’s first Caves and Cliffs snapshot (20w45a) went live for players to test last week. Now, Mojang has launched a follow-up Java update that changes “most of the textures introduced in the previous snapshot” to see if they enhance the building and exploring experience. Going by the dev’s release notes, it sounds like these changes will make your Minecraft winter wonderlands even more, er, wintry and wonderous – because “the snow is snowier now”.

“Excuse me, I need to powder my snow – Snapshot 20w46a is out!”, the studio announces on the block building game’s subreddit, adding: “The snow is snowier now.” Noting that these changes could be reverted or tweaked again at some point, the studio lists the addition of powder snow in the snapshot’s notes.

This is a “trap block that causes any entity that walks into it to sink in it”. It can be scooped up and plonked down using a bucket, or collected by leaving a cauldron outside when the snow is falling. The answer to avoiding this trap? Wear leather boots.

There’s also a freezing element, Mojang says – as in, “standing in powder snow will freeze an entity”, and once they’re frozen, they’ll take freezing damage every few seconds as they become more and more popsicle-like. Brrr. Again, wearing leather can help guard against this effect, though, with a full set fully guarding you against the cold.

Read on to see the Minecraft Snapshot 20w46a notes in full below:

Excuse Me, I Need to Powder My Snow – Snapshot 20w46a Is Out! from Minecraft

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