Snow big deal: Minecraft makes it onto South Park

Minecraft 1.8: the return of floating islands.

These days, Minecraft has sold so many copies across PC, Mac and Linux that Mojang’s sales counter might as well read ‘$$$+’. The numbers go so high as to be entirely meaningless. 

The slow-burn phenomenon is about to pass one final yardstick, however, enjoyed only by the likes of World of Warcraft. In what might be the last visible metric of success, it’ll this week be featured in an episode of South Park.

‘Informative Murder Porn’ is due to air tomorrow, October 2, at 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central. It sees the parents of the fictional small town in Colorado driven by desperation to learn to play the game that has presumably taken over their children’s lives:

The kids, for their part, are concerned that their parents are going to try to kill each other after a potent cocktail of graphic sex and violence on TV.

The show’s creators previously collaborated with Blizzard on ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft’, which featured extensive in-game machinima sequences.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s own PC game, the Obsidian-developed South Park: The Stick of Truth, is out on December 10. Will it be worth temporarily downing tools in Minecraft for, do you reckon?

Cheers, MCV.