Spirited Away faithfully recreated in lavish detail in Minecraft

Spirited Away in Minecraft

I’ll sit through any Miyazaki flick, even the one’s I’m not really into like My Neighbour Totoro, just because they are so damn pretty. Spirited Away, however, I’ll sit through because I absolutely adore it. I’m not normally one for whimsy, because I like to pretend I’m a gruff and serious fellow, but Spirited Away just makes me a giddy child. 

So I desperately want to fire up Minecraft and check out this delightful recreation of my favourite Miyazaki film. Alan_becker posted his impressive, blocky world on Reddit, and conveniently you can download the thing and have a wee wander right bloody now. 

Everything from the Bath House (and its gaudy interior) to the swamp has been lovingly crafted, with detailed interiors and exteriors. Considering the limitations of using big blocks, it’s impressively accurate, but it’s undoubtedly the aforementioned Bath House, check the header image, that steals the show.