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Minecraft meets Stardew Valley in awesome camera mod

This Minecaft Stardew Valley crossover creation is giving Mojang's adventure the camera and transitions of the indie farming hit, and it looks phenomenal.

Minecraft meets Stardew Valley in awesome camera mod

This Minecraft and Stardew Valley crossover is a treat for the eyes, as one dedicated modder and content creator is bringing the iconic farming sim to the sandbox game, and it looks pretty amazing so far. With so many great Minecraft creations already out there, this one is already shaping up to be one of the coolest.

We’ve already seen the Stardew Valley town square remade in Minecraft, but this is a little different, and something definitely worth checking out ahead of the Minecraft 1.20 release date.

Developed by Hirxs, you can see Minecraft from an entirely new perspective as they’ve been developing a way for the world and camera to look like that of Stardew Valley – and it has come pretty far in the last month or so.

Minecraft meets Stardew Valley in awesome camera mod

Not only has the camera been moved above the player, but there are also Stardew Valley-like transitions between areas too. The most interesting part comes from how Minecraft looks in its regular first-person perspective though, as I always forget that to get this isometric look in a 3D space, the entire world has to often be built at an angle.

You can even see the bus arrival area from when you start Stardew Valley as well, presumably with the rest of Pelican Town to follow. Hirxs said recently that it should release in a “few days” as well, so be sure to follow them on Twitter for even more updates. It’ll likely be coming to Bedrock first, and Java afterward.

Minecraft meets Stardew Valley in awesome camera mod

Stardew Valley isn’t the only blocky crossover here, as this colossal Minecraft Bloodborne map (that’s still well underway) brings FromSoftware’s Yharnam to Mjoang’s creation game, and it looks absolutely stunning.

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Image credit: Hirxs