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Someone’s built the Stranger Things shopping mall in Minecraft

Starcourt Mall, in all its eighties glory

Update – February 23, 2021: The original post has been deleted but you can check out Wheelassassin Guides’ YouTube videos to see how to make the Starcourt Mall in Minecraft

Update: The original Reddit post linked below has been deleted but you can head to Wheelassassin Guides’ YouTube channel here to see Starcourt Mall recreated in Minecraft, brick by brick. There are 45 impressive videos demonstrating how to build each piece of the Stranger Things mall, from Scoops Ahoy to its carpark. The channel’s also been recreating the house from Home Alone, which is well worth checking out, if you just can’t get enough of ’80s-era goodies in Minecraft. Original story follows.

Remember when we could visit malls and shopping centers, and just hang around, browsing all the stores? Grab some food, catch a movie in the cinema – good times. Someone’s built the Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things in Minecraft, to deliver some Halloween nostalgia for loitering and buying branded goods.

Made by Reddit user NesquickBBboi, they’ve put up a series of screenshots to show off the urban mecca of consumerism. You’ve the entrance and carpark, going right into the main foyer, stairs and walkways leading to the various outlets, eventually leading to the loading bay out the back. The movie theater oversees one corner, up on the first floor. A neat touch is the wood finishing on the ground floor, then the red carpet above, captures that slightly fancy feel having the carpeting around the movies gave.

Large Minecraft builds like this are always a treat, and ones that translate vivid landmarks from popular culture especially. Recently, we’ve had Doom remade in Minecraft, and a recreation of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, showing the depth of knowledge and talent within the community.

Since this is Halloween, keep an eye out for all the extra pumpkins that’ll be popping up, and here’s the best Minecraft maps for you to explore.

In the comments, the builder says they made this is just two days, to which someone replies that it makes them feel like they “just started Minecraft”. They aren’t wrong, this creator has some skills in the building game. Another commenter suggests doing to this what happens to the real version in Stranger Things Season 3, and, no spoilers, but that would be something very fun to watch, if it happens.

Additional reporting by Carrie Talbot.