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Christmas Minecraft skins

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Minecraft Skin


He's the tastiest skin in Minecraft, all iced and ready for a Christmas adventure. 

Reindeer Sweater

reindeer sweater minecraft skin

The Christmas jumper trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so it’s only fitting that Minecrafters get in on the action with a subtle and understated festive pullover.


Rudolph Minecraft Christmas Skin

Santa's most valued transport officer, Rudolph is in charge of guidance and navigation on Christmas Eve. If you feel you have the qualities needed for this position, strap on this red-nosed skin and apply within. 


Snowman Minecraft Christmas Skins

Chilly on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside, this Minecraft snowman skin may not have the curves of the real thing, but you can't deny that hat and scarf combo is a winner.

Santa Creeper

Santa Creeper Minecraft Christmas Skin

Even the monsters of Minecraft are welcome at a Christmas party, so let them get into the spirit of things with this Creeper in Santa fancy dress.

Santa HD

santa hd minecraft skin

Santa is all well and good, but isn’t it time we upgraded? This new model of everyone’s favourite list-checking, toy-dispensing home invader comes in HD – that’s less festivity, more grit.


Grinch Minecraft skin

If you insist on making a nuisance of yourself in Minecraft, at least do it in appropriate dress. The Grinch is Dr. Seuss’ most loveable troll, but ideally we’d hope your heart will grow three times larger and you’ll join in the building festivities instead of stealing all the creativity.

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Fattox Avatar
1 Year ago

So which of you guys wanted to post this article, but were too shy to put it under your own account? :)

Slime_84 Avatar
8 Months ago

Nice, do you have the pencil skin for download?

13th |UKCS| Avatar
2 Years ago

I've got the Slenderman skin on my Minecraft character. I do spend most of my time on multiplayer servers just following one person about when they aren't looking, then stopping when they look at me. It's always a bit of a laugh and gives me something to do in Minecraft if I'm bored

RaXZerGamingZ Avatar
2 Years ago

where is Sora from kingdom hearts ? bastards , always link on number 1

2 Years ago

i feel like all you did was look up all the characters you could think of from a game or movie and just looked up the skins for it. none of these are great, these are all everyday skins i see..

Jk MIra Avatar
2 Years ago

how to do that

GT145 Avatar
1 Year ago

how do you downlod

joshua_tijger Avatar
Lady_Irene Avatar
1 Year ago

I LOVE all those skins! But my skin is........................... PRINCESS LEIA! ( But she is now General Leia )

ruiztheninja Avatar
1 Year ago

this game is the best game in the world

Hamish Spy master Avatar
1 Year ago

This is amazing I should recamand this