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Animal Minecraft skins


Spider-Pig Minecraft skin

Once upon a time Spider-Pig was just a joke in The Simpsons Movie that a few people found amusing. Few expected that the pig would manifest genuine mining-related superpowers - he does whatever a Minecraft player does, whilst dressed in patterned lycra. He is Spider-Pig!


Minecraft skins panda

Furry, pampered and loved by all. Grab this adorable panda skin if you like the sound of that lifestyle. For extra roleplay points, spend your time in Minecraft eating bamboo and tumbling off things in a way that makes the internet do a collective awwwwww.


Kitten Minecraft skin

Internet dwellers have an inexplicable fascination with cats. Naturally this means there are a healthy selection of cat skins for Minecraft. We recommend this classic black-and-white design. Now go do something adorably funny.


Ever wanted to be scary and lazy at the same time? Then perhaps the life of a lion is perfect for you. These apex savannah predators spend most of their life lounging around when they're not mauling gazelles, so we’d advise donning this skin before finding a nice spot of shade and chowing down on some cute Minecraft animals. Simple pleasures.

White Bunny

white bunny minecraft skin

Sure, you’ll be cute and fluffy and everyone will like you, but don’t expect that pristine white skin to stay clean when you’re digging through dirt and slaying creepers.


pug minecraft skin

These flat-faced dogs are so bad at life they can’t even breathe properly. Don this adorable skin and the likelihood that your Minecraft mishaps will go viral should increase massively… probably.

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Fattox Avatar
1 Year ago

So which of you guys wanted to post this article, but were too shy to put it under your own account? :)

13th |UKCS| Avatar
2 Years ago

I've got the Slenderman skin on my Minecraft character. I do spend most of my time on multiplayer servers just following one person about when they aren't looking, then stopping when they look at me. It's always a bit of a laugh and gives me something to do in Minecraft if I'm bored

RaXZerGamingZ Avatar
2 Years ago

where is Sora from kingdom hearts ? bastards , always link on number 1

2 Years ago

i feel like all you did was look up all the characters you could think of from a game or movie and just looked up the skins for it. none of these are great, these are all everyday skins i see..

Jk MIra Avatar
1 Year ago

how to do that

GT145 Avatar
1 Year ago

how do you downlod

joshua_tijger Avatar
Lady_Irene Avatar
11 Months ago

I LOVE all those skins! But my skin is........................... PRINCESS LEIA! ( But she is now General Leia )

ruiztheninja Avatar
11 Months ago

this game is the best game in the world

Hamish Spy master Avatar
5 Months ago

This is amazing I should recamand this

Slime_84 Avatar
1 Month ago

Nice, do you have the pencil skin for download?