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Link Minecraft skin

If your adventure map has a princess waiting for you in the final dungeon, it would only be proper to wear some canonical threads. This Link skin recreates The Legend of Zelda’s protagonist with exceptionally lovely detail, including the shield strapped to his back.

Princess Zelda 

Zelda Minecraft skin

Link may be the hero in every game, but the real star of The Legend of Zelda is the lady in the title. Recent games over in Nintendo land have shown her off as being as kick-ass as Link – if not more – so bring that excitement to Minecraft with this Princess Zelda skin


Slenderman Minecraft skin

Scare the willies out of fellow players with this Slenderman skin. Simply log onto a nighttime server and gradually move closer and closer to unsuspecting players whilst they’re looking in other directions. 

Freddy Fazbear

freddy fazbear minecraft skin

Forget Slender Man, Freddy Fazbear is the new king of scaring YouTubers. Take on the role of Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic antagonist and terrorise entire servers with your mere presence… unless, of course, people just think you’re dressed as a cuddly bear.


Tetris Minecraft skin

The classic shape-stacking game comes alive, quite literally, in this man-shaped approximation of Tetris. 

Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man Minecraft skin

When you consider how sinister the banking industry is these days it’s no leap to cast the Monopoly Man as the biggest bastard in board gaming. So if you fancy playing the villain in your next Minecraft role-play session, consider him there in the bowler hat. 

Guybrush Threepwood 

Guybrush Threepwood Minecraft skin

Of all the game-themed Minecraft skins, this one of Guybrush from Monkey Island 2 is our favourite. The block-based graphics of Minecraft perfectly capture the look and feel of the classic Lucasarts adventure. Now go be a mighty pirate! 


Assassin's Creed Altair Minecraft skin

The classic white robes of the Assassin’s order works perfectly well without the gazillion pixels packed into Ubisoft’s games. And it's absolutely ideal for playing through Assassin’s Creep.

Duke Nukem 

Duke Nukem Minecraft skin

Bring a spot of masculinity to Minecraft with gaming’s biggest man-hero Duke Nukem. Just because his last game was the pits doesn’t mean we have to throw him in the trash, OK? 


Mario Minecraft skin

Minecraft’s world, with all those blocks and mushrooms, looks a little like Nintendo’s fabled Mushroom Kingdom. It just needs crowning with the prodigal son: the legendary plumbing and heating engineer Mario. 


Luigi Minecraft skin

Well if Mario’s coming along for the ride Luigi needs to come along too. The ideal skin for younger siblings or friends using your computer. 

Princess Peach

Princess Peach Minecraft skin

Minecraft’s Mushroom biomes are in desperate need of a monarchy, so fulfil the royalty quota by playing as Princess Peach. Just remember to keep the Goomba population under control and everything will be fine. 


best minecraft skins ezio

Now you can tackle the wilds of Minecraft as the coolest Assassin from the Creed series. Sorry Altair, but we all know it's true.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies minecraft skin

Choosing to spend its time tormenting gardeners and plants, this undead goofball is a much friendlier alternative to Minecraft’s usual array of flesh-eating foes.


psycho minecraft skin

To really hammer in those Borderlands vibes, we suggest loading up a cell-shaded texture pack and aimlessly attacking everything in sight when you equip this awesome Psycho skin.


Banjo Minecraft skin

Banjo’s the bear with the know-how, previously seen building things with astonishing dexterity in a console game. Wear this skin and you’ll have access to all those engineering smarts (we think). 

Solid Snake 

Solid Snake Minecraft skin

The master of covert operations sneaks into Minecraft in the form of this Solid Snake skin. Perfect for infiltrating your friends’ builds for a little bit of friendly sabotage.

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So which of you guys wanted to post this article, but were too shy to put it under your own account? :)

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Nice, do you have the pencil skin for download?

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I've got the Slenderman skin on my Minecraft character. I do spend most of my time on multiplayer servers just following one person about when they aren't looking, then stopping when they look at me. It's always a bit of a laugh and gives me something to do in Minecraft if I'm bored

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where is Sora from kingdom hearts ? bastards , always link on number 1

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i feel like all you did was look up all the characters you could think of from a game or movie and just looked up the skins for it. none of these are great, these are all everyday skins i see..

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how to do that

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I LOVE all those skins! But my skin is........................... PRINCESS LEIA! ( But she is now General Leia )

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this game is the best game in the world

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