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Monster Minecraft skins


Diamivore minecraft skin

The grinning, toothy mouth of this mythical creature is the cherry on top of this ugly, creepy skin. Sure to scare the heck out of your friends when you turn up on their server wearing it. 



Yeti Minecraft skin

Take to the mountains dressed as everyone’s favourite Himalayan legend. Thanks to smart GIF technology the eyes move like authentic googlies, and moving your head up and down will engage the great chompy action of the yeti’s mouth

Ender Dragon

Creeper skins are great and all, but shouldn’t we all be aiming a little higher? How about this Ender Dragon skin? You’ll strike fear into the hearts of veteran Minecrafters with ease and look good doing it.


Transplant Minecraft skin

It’s not often that Minecraft is gross, but if you insist on sticking something sickly into your game, try this Transplant skin. It’s a ‘person’ made from an eyeball grafted onto a heart, which jumps around on a severed thumb. Charming. 

Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber Minecraft skin

We’re sure there are plenty of things you’d like to do with Canada’s biggest pop export, regardless of your stance on him. Reenact your fantasies on this uncanny blocky reconstruction of JB. 


Creeper Minecraft skin

Neat fact: apparently Creepers feel dry and crisp like autumn leaves, not slimy like many imagine. This fact won’t help you act more Creeper-ish when dressed up in this 90% accurate Creeper skin (the legs are just impossible to do). 

Pixel Zombie 

Zombie Minecraft skin

Don’t be shy; show off a little brain. The hotties dig that look. This zombie skin comes with a lovely big chunk of missing skull, revealing the gooey delights inside. 


psy minecraft skin

Style yourself after everyone’s favourite Korean pop sensation, Psy. This goes without saying of course, but greeting everyone you meet by shouting Gangnam Style at them and dancing on the spot until they leave is essential with this skin.

Rainbow Creeper 

minecraft skins rainbow creeper

Creepers: everyone loves them, but not nearly enough of them are multicoloured. Don this skin to spread a little joy across all mobkind.

Ender Warlord 

Ender Warlord

Enforce your dominance over The End with this frightfully creepy Ender Warlord skin. All will bow before you, and compliment you on that snazzy shade of purple. 


Cthulhu Minecraft skin

The Lovecraftian horror himself. The work on his tentacle beard is particularly impressive. You can’t deny they look horrifically slimy. 

Glowing Skeleton 

Glowing Skeleton Minecraft skin

If the shuffling of re-animated bones wasn’t spine-chilling enough, this skeleton skin emits the sickly, glow-in-the-dark glow of a freshly irradiated corpse.

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Fattox Avatar
1 Year ago

So which of you guys wanted to post this article, but were too shy to put it under your own account? :)

Slime_84 Avatar
8 Months ago

Nice, do you have the pencil skin for download?

13th |UKCS| Avatar
2 Years ago

I've got the Slenderman skin on my Minecraft character. I do spend most of my time on multiplayer servers just following one person about when they aren't looking, then stopping when they look at me. It's always a bit of a laugh and gives me something to do in Minecraft if I'm bored

RaXZerGamingZ Avatar
2 Years ago

where is Sora from kingdom hearts ? bastards , always link on number 1

2 Years ago

i feel like all you did was look up all the characters you could think of from a game or movie and just looked up the skins for it. none of these are great, these are all everyday skins i see..

Jk MIra Avatar
2 Years ago

how to do that

GT145 Avatar
1 Year ago

how do you downlod

joshua_tijger Avatar
Lady_Irene Avatar
1 Year ago

I LOVE all those skins! But my skin is........................... PRINCESS LEIA! ( But she is now General Leia )

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1 Year ago

this game is the best game in the world

Hamish Spy master Avatar
1 Year ago

This is amazing I should recamand this