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Topic of the Week: What are your fondest memories of Minecraft so far?

Topic of the Week: Minecraft

Now that Microsoft has purchased Mojang, who knows if the world(s) of Minecraft will ever be the same. Yesterday, I asked a tiny human what he thought of the acquisition. He shrugged and said “I dunno.” Our children are now growing up in a world where they just don’t know things, and it’s all Microsoft’s fault. 

So let’s live in the past. Let’s remember the good times, our greatest moments in Minecraft. That’s our Topic of the Week: what are your best bits? Maybe it was something you built, or a giant project you undertook with an army of friends. Perhaps it was simply just a fun mining expedition. I don’t know – these are your memories. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling.

First, a confession: It’s been over two years since I played Minecraft. When my niece and nephew talk about it, my mind goes blank. The words they are saying make no sense to me, and I’m utterly lost. But it’s a game I used to love, and I remember that time with fondness.

I never did anything particularly impressive. I never messed around with redstone or created circuits or functioning machinery. I never built a computer. But I did build The City of Tomorrow, a futuristic city by way of the ‘50s and ‘60s with towering skyscrapers, floating cars and even a quirky space port. At its centre was a biodome, a huge glass dome with a peaceful park – complete with a lovely waterfall in the centre.

The City of Tomorrow is no more, but I spent months working on it with singular determination. It was mine, and I was intensely proud. I miss it a wee bit.

Alright, my trip down memory lane is over. Now it’s your turn.