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Minecraft tuff golem mob guide

We now know the Minecraft tuff golem was the least voted for in the Minecraft mob vote, but plenty of people still wanted to see this little statue in-game

Minecraft Tuff Golem mob vote: The Tuff golem picks up an ender pearl next to Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens

The Minecraft tuff golem was sadly not destined to be added to the sandbox game, losing out to the weirdly-named Sniffer in the 2022 Minecraft Live mob vote. The annual mob vote is easily one of the most hotly anticipated features of the Minecraft Live broadcast, alongside the announcement of the next big Minecraft update. Three mobs go up for vote, and two are forgotten about, sadly never to see the light of day – of which the tuff golem is now one.

During the 2022 livestream, another Minecraft mob was revealed, the Camel, as well as some other features we can expect from the 1.20 Minecraft update in 2023. But while there were some fantastic announcements during Minecraft Live 2022, the tuff golem was not one of them, coming out dead last in the vote. Here’s why.

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Minecraft tuff golem details

Sadly, the features that were revealed about the tuff golem weren’t enough to stir most fans interest – perhaps because it was the only one of the three that didn’t actually offer anything useful, per se. More decorative in nature than anything, this little statue would have come to life, moving around your base. The tuff golem was highly customisable, with the colour of its little tunic able to be determined by its crafting recipe, but that wasn’t enough to get the votes in. It would also roam around your base, picking up items and moving them (perhaps this mob should have been called the rascal), but did very little else.

The eventual winner, the sniffer, brings a new farming mechanic and a new plant to the survival game, while the rascal – though it also won’t make it in – would have given players an enchanted item when caving. It is almost understandable, then, that this statue – while cute – didn’t offer quite enough to the player experience. Then there’s the allay, the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote winner. Another mob which moves around, items in hand, only with a purpose.

So while we can only dream about this cute little moving statue, there are still loads of loveable Minecraft mobs to befriend or fight, like the Warden, or glow squid. Both of those can be found in the deep dark, the beautiful but deadly underground biome which houses Ancient Cities, and a bunch of exciting loot.