The new pre-release Minecraft update helps detect server tomfoolery

Minecraft update 1.19.1 is going to be bringing a few security-conscious changes and the latest pre-release shows off new message features in the crafting game

Minecraft 1.19.1 pre-release 2

Minecraft goes through updates like most of us go through those Tupperware boxes you get when you order takeaway food. We only received The Wild 1.19 update last month, and yet we’re still getting glimpses of upcoming changes to the 1.19.1 version of the game thanks to pre-releases and snapshots. The latest such Minecraft update is now upon us, and it brings some peculiar changes to the crafting game‘s chat.

Now, you’ll likely already know about the chat reporting functions Mojang will be adding to Minecraft, especially as a fair few people are concerned about them, although Mojang has put out a post regarding some of the questions around them. The Minecraft 1.19.1 pre-release 2 brings with it chat trust status, which basically tells players whether or not a server is tampering with players’ messages.

This should allow players to feel more comfortable regarding the moderation tools, but it’s not going to solve issues regarding privacy that some people have. It’ll work by using a mix of coloured indications and icons to display the status of a message, whether that means it’s not secure, modified, or perfectly fine.

There’s another little bit of information in the news post though, and that’s that Mojang has postponed the 1.19.1 release for now. “This is in order to address a few of our more noticeable issues,” Mojang says, “We’ve yet to fully decide on a new release date, but it won’t be too far in the future.” While this could be due to any number of things, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all linked in to the chat reporting.

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If you’re looking for things outside of chat moderation, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a sale going on in the Minecraft marketplace. Also, someone built a tank. Yes, a working one – without using mods.