Minecraft update 1.19 pre-release is playable now

Minecraft update 1.19 is the next big change to the sandbox game and the pre-release version of 'The Wild' is now available for people to play

Minecraft update: Art of two minecraft characters sitting in blocky woodland

Minecraft is constantly evolving. We get small glimpses of these evolutions thanks to the snapshots, even if players aren’t always happy about it, but the biggest changes come via full updates, with the next one being Minecraft update 1.19. We’ve got good news; you can now check out ‘The Wild’ thanks to the 1.19 pre-release, which is now available to play.

While the latest Minecraft update isn’t adding in everything previously promised, it’s still bringing with it a fair amount of new content. The Wild introduces frogs, tadpoles, mangrove trees and swamps, the deep dark, ancient cities, the allay mob, and even the mighty Warden. We’ve been writing about some of these for a little while now, but 1.19 will fully integrate them into the sandbox game.

The official notes list some peculiar changes, with the most perplexing being that it slightly reduces the number of mangrove trees in mangrove swamps. The 1.19 pre-release also changes when item interaction vibrations happen and adds in an equip sound if you decide to plonk a pumpkin or skull on your head.

There’s still no word on an actual release date for The Wild; the blog post also states that we’ll likely only see bug fixes for future pre-releases, which could mean we’re in the final stages now. Unfortunately, we’re not getting fireflies in this update, but we could see them further down the line given how excited the player base is about having ambient bugs flying around. Here’s hoping for the 1.20 update.

In less official news, you can now turn all of your Minecraft mobs into adorable Lego figures if you want to. Alternatively, you could go and take a look around the White House, if blocky landmark recreations are more your style.

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