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Watch out for the lava: auto-generating Temple Run in Minecraft

Temple Run in Minecraft

These running games are all a bit too athletic for me, getting me all sweaty and hungry for a cigarette. And now someone’s only bloody gone and put Temple Run, or a facsimile of Temple Run, into Minecraft. When will the insidious pro-running lobby stop invading our games?

It is actually rather nifty, though, as you will undoubtedly see when you slap your eyes on the gif below.

The track is automatically generated as you propel forward, with traps like random blocks and lava appearing before your very eyes.

Seeing as that I can barely walk up a mountain in Minecraft without falling to my death, I suspect that I might have a tricky time if I attempted this. I’m getting singed just looking at it.

The mod is still in alpha at the moment.