You’re gonna need a bigger boat: Mojang’s next mob will leave Minecraft’s waters hostile

Oceans might be smaller in Minecraft these days, but there is still plenty of space for the new mob to occupy.

Come on in, the water’s lovely. For now. At present, Minecraft’s oceans are occupied only by the squid – which look alarmingly toothy, but are significantly less threatening than the possibility of forgetting about your bubble bar and drowning.

That’s to change. The new ranged mob Jeb is working on will kill squid. And it’ll kill players too.

“On hard difficulty a full diamond armor is recommended,” he warns.

We don’t know what this new mob is called, or what it looks like. But we know it’ll spawn underwater and stay there, and use a ranged attack to try and sink us.

Beyond diamond armour, Jeb recommends a Potion of Water Breathing, “obviously”. We can expect to dive to the depths to effectively combat this unnamed threat.

“Having a helm with the Respiration enchantment helps you see underwater, too,” he adds.

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What new tools do we have to aid us against the mob? I suppose there’s the upcoming sponge block, which can dry up its habitat several water blocks at a time. How many sponge blocks does it take to dry up an ocean, do you reckon?

Minecraft 1.7.10 is imminent. Meanwhile, at Notch’s desk: Cliffhorse.