Minecraft is the first game to hit one trillion views on YouTube

Minecraft has reached one trillion views on YouTube - half of them came after 2018

The Minecraft Museum tribute commemorating the game reaching one million views

From Roblox to Fortnite, Minecraft has actually gained competition for the title of ‘biggest game in the world’ over the past few years. But when it comes to the crown of ‘biggest game on YouTube’, it seems Minecraft cannot be stopped. The block-builder has reached over a trillion views on YouTube, the first game in the platform’s history to reach that milestone.

The numbers themselves are neat and all, but the fun bit is the special stat site YouTube put together to commemorate the milestone (and enjoy a little co-marketing with Microsoft, of course). Minecraft has actually gotten exponentially bigger over the years, and the graphs balloon after about 2020.

Minecraft reached 500 billion views late in 2018. By the start of 2019, it had reached 554.3 billion. So the other half of those trillion views have come in within just a fraction of Minecraft’s overall lifespan. If Minecraft’s life ever runs out, it certainly seems like it won’t be any time soon.

Mojang has created a special video commemorating Minecraft’s history on YouTube, filled with easter eggs referencing particularly notable videos. (Minecraft FIREE WTFFFFFFF!!!!! Is a personal favourite.)

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The cool Minecraft builds may never cease.