Morbius Minesweeper challenges you to get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

It’s Morbin’ time with Morbius-themed Minesweeper clone Morbsweeper, a free game, out now on Newgrounds and itch, which challenges you to nail the Morbius sweep


Morbius, the blockbuster hit of 2022, is long overdue its own game. It’d work as a horror, or it could be an open-world RPG, where you clear districts of low-rent thugs, and gradually work your way up to the final confrontation with a dancing, shirtless Matt Smith. It could even spawn its own genre, the MMMORPG, where the extra ‘M’ is for ‘Morbin’’.

But instead we have something much better, a new version of the Windows classic Minesweeper, themed around Marvel’s vampire disasterpiece, where the objective is to maintain a perfect – and wholly deserved – 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Available for free, Morbsweeper, from independent developer Lumpy Touch, comes complete with loving 16-bit visuals, a supercharged “Morb Mode”, and unlockable bonuses where you can win an Oscar or bring Morbius back to theatres for a third time.

“How fast can you MORB?” the game screams at you, flashing frantic GIFs of the aforementioned topless Matt Smith, alongside banners like “CHAD” and “I’M ON RED.” Like the accompanying film, it’s a dizzying, sensory, and bewildering experience, destined to spawn a surplus of memes.

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The premise is simple. Same as classic Minesweeper, you need to clear a grid and locate safe squares, only now the mines are those trademark, bad review green splats from Rotten Tomatoes, and the safety spots are the opposing, good review red ones. Keep your score as high as you can, and try to bag some awards.

“Play as Dr. Michael Morbius, and suck your way to victory!,” writes Lumpy Touch. “Click on a Morb to reveal what is underneath. If you see a tile with a number, that means it’s touching that many review bombs. Click carefully!”

This might be the best superhero game since the Spider-Man 2 tie-in from 2004.

You can play Morbsweeper for free on either itch or beloved Flash game hub Newgrounds.