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MiniLaw: Ministry of Law lets you live out both your RoboCop and Judge Dredd fantasies


Every now and then you come across an indie game that you just have to tell people about. MiniLaw: Ministry of Law is one of those times. Placing you in the role of a cop in a future city reminiscent of 2000AD’s Mega-City One, it’s up to you to keep the last bastion of humanity clean from criminal filth. 

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In MiniLaw you’re a cybernetically enhanced law enforcer who speeds between crimes dispensing justice. Whether that means capturing the criminals or throwing them through a plate glass window is completely up to you.

Interestingly, you’re rewarded more for taking perps alive, and you can break them down until they surrender, getting them to drop to the ground with a command. You can still kill them by accident, of course, but what’s a super advanced weapon of death going to do?

You’ll take on normal criminals, RoboCop style mechs and mutants in this cyberpunk setting, deciding how you want to kit out your cop as you go. Here’s the trailer:

“In MiniLaw, you take the role of a Constable, an elite officer of the Ministry of Law,” says the official blurb. “Roam the dystopian future city of New Babel, Mankind’s Last Hope, in search of crimes in progress. Use lethal weapons, non-lethal force, and diplomacy to take down bad guys.

“Successfully apprehending criminal elements grants you Requisition Points that you may use to purchase gear or upgrade modules from your superiors at miniFACT to improve the various abilities of the powered exo-frame bolted to your skeleton. Overclock your various combat abilities to perform superhuman feats as a matter of course.”

You can buy MiniLaw on Steam for $7.99.