Minimal Affect is like a Guardians of the Galaxy RPG

Minimal Affect is a "comical sci-fi action-RPG packed with heroics and humour". And space monsters.

Minimal Affect is an upcoming “comical sci-fi action-RPG” from Toadman Studios and publisher Sold Out with “a colourful cast of characters on a quest to save the galaxy once again.” Oh, and “a lot of space alien combat”. So, kind of like what you’d get if you mixed Guardians of the Galaxy with a roleplaying game – but with a cool cartoon-style aesthetic. Sweet!

As announced in a press release today, Minimal Affect is “a love letter to a wildly popular entertainment genre, and aims to deliver an authentic, but unexpected, ‘space epic’ with a diverse crew of dubious characters.” The idea is that you take charge of this charismatic crew aboard their craft – the Star Alliance Balding Eagle – on her very first voyage through the Milky Way. But, as you can see in the announcement trailer below, they encounter some “terrifying space parasites” called Harvesters along the way. Gulp.

When not trying to stop these menaces from gobbling you up, you’ll get to explore, learn a bunch of new skills, meet some new folk, complete side quests, and “generally do everything you’d expect to do in a third-person action RPG” – but with a funny, cartoon-style twist.

If you’re keen to get a look for yourself, check out the clip below:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no exact Minimal Affect release date to scribble down on our calendars just yet, but the RPG game’s due to drop sometime in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s website here and also take a look at our list of the best space games already out on PC while you wait.