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Minimum to become least-costly multiplayer shooter around for this beta weekend only

Minimum is now in the capable custody of Human Head.

Minimum is really far too modest. The idea for a clash-of-the-titans competitive FPS outlived its original developers, TimeGate, swallowed up by bankruptcy after their ill-fated stint on Aliens: Colonial Marines. And it’s since provided much-needed work for Human Head, who’ve drifted from project to project since Bethesda kicked them off Prey 2.

It might yet even be a shooter people like to play. After a “successful” beta test last weekend, publishers Atari have decided to host another, beginning today.

In Minimum, teams of five shoot each other to bits using crafted weapons. They do so to give themselves time to power up the humongous robotic Titan which will, ideally, destroy the enemy base before its counterpart cracks open their own.

Atari say the new beta weekend was prompted by “voluminous player feedback”, which we imagine might have been fired through a letterbox in a papier mache stream, or possibly introduced all at once to their CEO’s living room via the chimney.

It sounds like this weekend is open to a larger chunk of players than the last’s “thousands” – previous beta players can simply sign in again using their existing accounts, while Atari are encouraging new blood to register for a code over at the official Minimum site.

The codes will be valid from 4pm BST / 8am PDT today, and become meaningless jumbles of numbers at 6am Monday BST / 10pm Sunday PDT on the dot. Are you after one?