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MOBA-ish shooter Minimum’s bumpy journey to launch ends today


Minimum is a survivor. It seemingly went down with the ship when TimeGate closed its doors, but the third person shooter was rescued at the last minute by Atari, before being handed over to developer, Human Head.

After a stint in Early Access, the MOBA-ish 5 vs 5 competitive shooter has launched properly, and you can snatch it up on Steam right now. 

Appropriately, Minimum has a bunch of new things to show off in this post-Early Access world. It’s got a co-op horde mode; customisable and premium skins; new maps and weapons, like the beam and bounce rifles; and a versus-bots map for those moments where you just want to polish your killing skills.

“Since launching Early Access, we’ve continually worked with our passionate community to improve Minimum’s development and use Early Access the way it was meant to, getting player feedback to create maps, fix balancing and prioritize new features to make Minimum a gaming experience unlike any other,” said Norm Nazaroff, game programmer at Human Head Studios. “Our players are passionate and we’ve been honored by their dedication to help make a solid game. We believe now that Minimum has officially released many more gamers will discover why the game’s fans have been so passionate about the genre-bending title.”

From today until September 17th, you’ll be able to grab the game on Steam for £3.49/$4.99 thanks to a 50 percent launch discount.