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Free games: Grab a code to unlock strategy battler Minion Masters on Discord!

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Minion Masters

If you haven’t heard already, Minion Masters is to be one of the first games available in Discord’s new gaming library. Haven’t heard of Minion Masters? Wait, you haven’t heard that Discord’s getting a game store, either? Wow. You have some catching up to do. Just know, for now, that we have a bunch of codes that unlocks Minion Masters on Discord below – first come, first served.

Right, first of all, Minion Masters is a deckbuilding game that mixes in real-time tower defence elements. You pick a Master – heroes with unique abilities – and then collect minions to fight for them in 1v1 or 2v2 online 1v1 or 2v2 battles. There are solo offline battles, too, if you need some practise.

Think of the minions as cards in a deckbuilding game. You collect them, choose which ones to take into battle, and then hope you can counter your opponent’s moves as you drop them into the battlefield. The idea is for them to march towards the enemy Master and take them down. There are also Spells you can get for your deck that help you assist the minions.

In addition to the minions, you can unlock new Masters, too. So there’s plenty of variation in the game for you to experiment with, and that’s before you even consider that it’s updated regularly, with new minions, Masters, ad much more. It’s a good job there’s a Minion Masters Discord group you can join to discuss the game, then – you’ll want to do that, trust us. Sometimes the developers are on there and will happy to to chat with you.

Sounds good, right? Well, we have 1000 codes that unlock the full pre-launch version of Minion Masters on Discord. Now, about that: Discord is getting a game library, similar to Steam, that lets you purchase games and play them through Discord. It’s not available yet, but if you grab a code and activate it, you’ll be able to see the Discord library before lots of other people. Sweet!

So let’s get on to the giveaway. The codes are available in the widget below. You need to complete one of the available actions to get your code. Please read our terms and conditions beforehand.

Once you have your code, this is how you redeem it:

  • Open Discord
  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Billing
  • Redeem Codes – enter your code here, and make sure there are no additional spaces
  • Restart Discord completely (use CTRL+R in Discord) if you don’t see the Discord Library.

Minion Masters giveaway

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