Behind the screams and bloody murder of Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Mirage arcane warfare

The next game from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare developers Torn Banner Studios is full of just as much yelling and decapitating as this behind the screams video shows.

Not sure if there are that many “Persian-inspired” entries into our best multiplayer games on PC list.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare doesn’t just follow the same naming conventions as its historical predecessor, the hack-and-slash combat is there too.

As such, the folks behind the bloody murder wanted to make combat feel “emotional” by adding a lot of loud noises and punchy physics, as well as the odd flailing limb.

The multiplayer, competitive, first-person slasher, Persian-influenced gorefest (in the developers’ own words) is also a sort of stress ball for people who need a release from the daily grind via directional plumes of glistening red that splatter all over the decor.

Senior Brand Manager Alex Hayter probably put it most poetically as wanting the combat to contrast with the beautiful, calm, serene surroundings inspired by Iranian architecture with screen partitions and bulbous arches and oh look another guy’s head looping through the air.

Signups for the summer beta are right over here if you need to let off some