Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta starts March 27, instant access if you pre-order

Mirage arcane warfare beta

Torn Banner Studio’s highly anticipated successor to brutal medieval fighting sim Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is nearly ready to enter closed beta testing after nearly a year in super-secret alpha testing. The closed beta gets launches on March 27, and you’ll be given instant access to it if you pre-order the game. Don’t go rushing off to Steam just yet though, as pre-orders don’t open until March 27 either.

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There’s some good news If you do decide to take the plunge and pre-order, the closed beta will run as a long-term testing platform, right up until the game’s release later this year. Here’s what Torn Banner Studios say you can expect from the closed beta:

  • Six playable character classes ranging from the ghostly Vypress assassin to the hulking Taurant, all with customizable magic ability loadouts and hundreds of voice emotes.
  • First reveal of new character, the Entropist – a jolly, portly mage imbued with terrifying, often hilarious powers who rides a flying carpet and wields a magic staff.
  • 10+ maps available throughout the Beta period, each playable in multiple game modes including Team Objective, Point Capture, Capture-the-Flag and more.
  • Automatic matchmaking to pair players of the same skill level, or classic server browser.

It’s not often studios give players access to their game from the moment of pre-order to the eventual release, but Mirage’s blend of FPS and sorcery will likely benefit from thorough testing.