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Kill enemies with their own magical rocks as the Vigilist in Chivalry successor Mirage

Mirage: Arcane Warfare

The time has come again for your PC to trill to the song of over-acted screaming. Yes, Torn Banner have released another class trailer for forthcoming magic brawler Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

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Spattering your screen with gore this time is the Vigilist, a defensive (but still destructive) arcane warrior who wields a shield and spear. The Vigilist is all about protection and battlefield control: she can protect herself with a shield bubble, reflect enemy attacks back at them, pull enemies back or knock a crowd of them away. Here are her abilities in full:

  • Ward Strike: Fire a magical shield that staggers enemies on contact
  • Disperse: Rise above the battlefield before slamming back into the ground, pushing back any nearby enemies
  • Surge: Summon a massive wave that knocks down any target in its path
  • Iron Dome: Spawn a protective shield bubble around yourself
  • Impaler: Stab forward with a magically lengthened spear, pulling enemies back towards you

Mirage is the follow-up to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, spiced up with magical abilities and a pastel-hazed, Arabic-inspired setting. Gameplay looks much more varied, and just as brutal.

Head to theMirage websiteto sign up for the beta, due later this year, and check out our previous coverage here.The game is due later in 2017.