Latest Mirage: Arcane Warfare trailer shows off 12 minutes of slick slaughter

Mirage arcane warfare

Blood, guts, and gore. That’s both the contents of the PCGamesN staff toilets the morning after a night out on the town and, coincidentally, the bulk of the latest trailer for multiplayer hack-and-slash release, Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

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In the latest 12 minute splash, developer Torn Banner Studios lays out a two stage team objective map called Bazaar, as well as a point capture map called Sunken City.

Slashing their way through both maps are five of six character classes that will be available in play, which the studios claims can, for the first time, be “customised between multiple tiers of abilities.”

It also features a lot of death. Seriously, it’s the kind of hardcore action that makes even a Quentin Tarantino film look like Mary Poppins. And this is just a trailer taken from the alpha build, shown off at Pax West in Seattle last week. Lord knows how blood thirsty the final game will be. If its predecessor Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is anything to go by, fairly bloody.

According to Torn Banner, Arcane Warfare “captures the true, destructive power of magic and melee combat with the tight control of a first-person shooter.” It also says you’ll see “limbs fly” and dismembered heads. Nice.

You can sign up for the Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed alpha, coming in September, here. The game itself is set for launch on PC in early 2017.