According to Steam users, this $2 hentai title was the second-best game of 2018

Steam reviews say hentai puzzler Mirror is one of the best games of 2018

It’s 2019, and in case you hadn’t noticed Steam is okay with porn now. Valve officially adopted an anything goes approach to game approvals last year, and since that happened you will have no problem finding any number of games with ‘hentai’ in the title and plenty of explicit content. What might surprise you is just how popular these titles are on Steam – in fact, user reviews suggest one in particular is among the best games of 2018.

That title is Mirror, which launched in April 2018, shortly before Steam fully opened the doors to adult content. That means you’ll have to seek out patches from elsewhere if you want to see the truly naughty bits, but the game as sold on Steam – for the low price of $1.99 / £1.69 / €1.99 – is plenty spicy as-is.

It’s a hybrid of match-3 puzzlers and visual novels. Your reward for besting the cast of anime girls is to, er, ‘play’ with them. That means selecting from tools like hands, a tongue, and a vibrator and clicking around a lightly-animated portrait to achieve certain ‘pain’ or ‘pleasure’ ratings. It’s not exactly subtle but, well, it is porn.

But while some of you may prefer to keep your adult content consumption limited to incognito windows, plenty of Mirror players are happy to enjoy the game with the public features of Steam and share their love with positive user reviews. The Steam page (NSFW, if you hadn’t guessed) hosts and ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating after 19,335 reviews.

That puts it in rarified company among Steam titles. RimWorld was the overall best-reviewed game of the year according to metrics from Steam 250 and SteamDB, but Mirror stands in second place, ahead of beloved titles like Subnautica, Dead Cells, and our own game of the year pick Celeste.

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If you thought Steam porn was niche, it seems that’s not really the case – at least one title has managed to bring in tens of thousands of players eager to shout about how good their hentai experience has been.