Meet your gun-averse enemies and the evil corporations of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge

EA have released a bunch of new details about the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, showing off the evil, neon-loving corporations who act as puppeteers for the city of Glass, brainwashing its citizens with retail therapy. 

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If you want to get the lowdown on these shady corporations who together make up the Conglomerate, there’s an in-depth look into each on the Mirror’s Edge site. Basically, they all sell different stuff, they’re all evil and only care about money, like the British government.

Kruger Holding seems to be the worst of the bunch, since its business is conducted in security and the arms trade. In the city of Glass, guns are seen as “barbaric, disruptive and unnecessary”, so it seems strange that one of the Conglomerate would be pushing these primitive death cannons. This aversion to guns does explain why many of the enemies you face will try take you on unarmed, though.

From the Guardians who act as basic fodder to the elite, high-tech Sentinels, you’ll have to use different tactics with each. Producer Jeremy Miller talks you through each of these enemy types over on the Mirror’s Edge site.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 26.