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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst highlights movement and combat in two new trailers

Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst just got two shiny new trailers that show off Faith’s graceful movement system and the game’s forward-momentum-based combat.

You won’t be picking up guns in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, so you might be hankering for a bit of gunplay when you’re done. Bookmark our list of PC’s best FPS games for when the time comes.

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst you will do a lot of moving. That’s why it’s good that there’s a new trailer showing off that very important aspect of the game: zipping down wires, vaulting railings, wall-running and building up momentum to make a massive leap between buildings – it’s all there, and it looks gorgeous. Check it out:

It’s not just moving, though. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is reworking the first game’s combat, giving it a focus on forward momentum instead of interrupting the flow. Stopping to pick up a gun always felt at odds with the rest of Mirror’s Edge, but here it’s not even an option.

It sounds like combat will have that same feeling you get from chaining together jumps, slides and vaults, with Faith entering Focus mode as you string together battered enemies, unlocking more powerful attacks the longer you can keep the pace without taking a hit or getting your fingers tangled up. Imagine a Tony Hawk game but with more violence.

See that trailer below:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set for release on May 26.