ModDB kicks off annual mod of the year voting with 10,000 to choose from


Mod hub is running their annual competition for fan-voted mod of the year. 2015 proved a healthy year for the platform, with well over 10,000 mods having been uploaded in the last 12 months, altering games from C&C Generals to Deus Ex to Doom 3 and probably through the rest of the alphabet as well.

Fallout 4 is our mod paradise at the moment, here’s all the best ones currently available.

It’s mostly shown up how little attention I pay to what is a massive part of PC gaming for so many and ripe for improving some of my favourite games. You’d think I’d have learned after having spent most of the year all about custom Doom maps and hours of mispent youth on C&C Generals’ amazing Shockwave mod.

Speaking of, C&C: Untitled is a Generals and Zero Hour mod that caught my eye while scrolling the list of possible candidates. I’ll hopefully find some time to try it out over Christmas. It, along with the other 9,999+ mods released this year, will be narrowed to a top 100 in the next couple of weeks, from which the winners will then be voted on. There’s a lot of great stuff in there: the outrageous/tacky Brutal Doom; the usual set of endlessly developed Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines mod and plenty of Source-based goodness from the endlessly modifiable Half-Life 2 files.

Those that come out on top will receive, uh, an ad deal with the Eurogamer Network worth $30,000. That seems a lot less useful to these folks than the $30,000 would be, but better than nothing I suppose and a rather logical endpoint to the idea of being paid in exposure. If you vote on stuff there’s also a chance you’ll win some games, as detailed in the kickoff post.

Any of you folks play any particularly fantastic mods this year?