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Mojang show off even more Minecraft decoration… and suggest pig piloting possibilities


Barely a day seems to go by without someone at Mojang casually releasing yet another screenshot or snippet about Minecraft 1.4, which becomes increasingly exciting with every new detail. Today Jens Bergensten (our dear @Jeb_) decided he’d show off the decoration blocks above, while Nathan Adams, aka @Dinnerbone, showed that he took carrot-and-stick game design quite seriously…

After tweeting to say he was going to reflect on suggestions for controlling mounted pigs by using wheat or carrots on a stick, he’s only gone ahead and tried this out already. “The future of pig based transportation has arrived,” he tweeted today, attaching the picture below. “This future smells funny.”

Don’t forget that, if you’re trying the latest snapshot of the game, with all its new vegetables, you can now place trapdoors on both the top and bottom of blocks. Not only does this give you a little more freedom in your design, but it looks an awful lot nicer if, like me, you’re one of those people who likes to use them as alternatives to windows, not least because you can open and close them. Nothing beats throwing these shutters open in the morning to see the sun rise, to feel the wind on your face, to look down upon all you’ve built below and oh God I’m addicted someone help I can’t stop.