Free games: Win a Steam key for new retro-inspired adventure game Monkeys & Dragons!

Win a Steam key for this new retro-inspired adventure game and help guide its direction through Early Access

Monkeys & Dragons

How much do you like retro adventure games? You know the type – point and click, pixel art, inventory, cheeky humour. To be specific, how much do you like classics such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, and Simon the Sorcerer? If your answer is something like ‘I love them, please shove them my way’ then you’ll want to win one of the 250 Steam keys we have for Monkeys & Dragons.

It’s a new point-and-click adventure game made in the retro style. Developer Benjamin Rommel is actually launching it on Steam Early Access today. Well, the first three chapters of it, at least. The following two chapters and the game’s conclusion will be added to the game in the next six months.

What that means is you can give your feedback to the developer and he will use that to shape the rest of the game. In, fact, in eight weeks he’ll be holding a vote so you can help determine what the game’s ending will be – romantic, tragic, a huge twist on the story? Beyond that, your feedback will also help to improve the game’s puzzles so that they’re fun for everyone.

Sounds good, right? Better let you know what Monkeys & Dragons is all about, then. And yes, it does have both monkeys and dragons, we’re sure. You play as Lana, whose husband Jack was kidnapped by a sorcerer – who, it turns out, is his ex-boyfriend. To rescue him, Lana has to adventure across a tropical island full of monsters, traps, and mysteries.

Monkeys & Dragons

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