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Monster Hunter Rise patch fixes that PC save bug

The latest Monster Hunter Rise patch fixes a bug that prevented it from creating saves properly when launching it for the first time

Monster Hunter Rise players rejoice

A new Monster Hunter Rise PC patch is addressing a pretty significant hiccup that’s been causing issues for first-time players on booting up the RPG game. It seems there was a bug that was causing the game to fail to “complete a proper save” when launching it for the first time, which meant it couldn’t then start.

The new Monster Hunter patch – titled Patch Ver. if you want to be formal about it – was rolled out early on January 21, so if you’re just about to dive in for the first time, you should hopefully not encounter the bug. If you did encounter it before the patch dropped, you’ll just need to to follow a few steps developer Capcom has laid out after applying the patch to get things working smoothly.

This involves, first, disabling Steam Cloud and quitting out of the game, which you can do by unticking the check mark under the Steam Cloud section the game’s properties (in ‘General’). You’ll then need to do a bit of local file deletion, re-booting the game to create new save data, hopping back out to re-enable Steam Cloud functioning, and uploading local files to the Steam Cloud. There are clear step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do this in the patch notes, so be sure to follow those carefully.

It’s also worth noting that this patch will bring the game up-to-date to the latest (Ver. version, so matchmaking will only then be possible with those who are also using then same version – if anyone you’re keen to hang out with ha applied the patch yet, they’ll need to get it installed before you can matchmake with them again.

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In case you’ve been out of the loop, Monster Hunter Rise has had a pretty majestic debut on PC. The game hit Steam’s top ten within ten hours of its launch on the platform, and it was very warmly received by the critics. We scored it a nine out of ten in our Monster Hunter Rise review, noting its “beautifully realised setting and some genuinely innovative combat additions”.