The next Monster Hunter Rise update adds storage and free wall-running

The next Monster Hunter Rise patch will mostly be about the massive new Sunbreak expansion, but the base game is getting updated too

Monster Hunter Rise patch: A massive winged monster covered in orange fur screams as hunters attack, accompanied by cat and dog warriors

Whether or not you’re planning on diving into Sunbreak, the next Monster Hunter Rise patch has some important updates. Arriving alongside Sunbreak on June 30, update for Monster Hunter Rise includes new features, mechanics, and bug fixes for the base game – plus all the new stuff that’s coming for players who own the Sunbreak expansion.

For players who’ve been monster hunting for a while, this day-one update brings welcome upgrades to your storage areas, even if you haven’t purchased Sunbreak. The item box, equipment box, decoration box, and layered armour box are all getting expanded with more space, as are the boxes for buddy equipment and layered armours. You’ll also have a new option to lock talismans in your equipment box, just to make sure those don’t accidentally get lost.

No matter what weapon you’re using, you’ll have the option to perform a wall-run without having to start out with a wiredash – that’ll make traversal that much easier as you’re pursuing your quarry.

There are new moves for the base game as well: each weapon type now has a new attack that combos out of a landing from a jump or fall. If you’re a ranged hunter, you may be pleased to learn that once this patch arrives, light bowguns, heavy bowguns, and gunlances will all be loaded with ammo by default when you leave your tent.

The official patch notes have the complete list, which is extensive. Note that these patch notes also cover additions made for the Sunbreak DLC, and everything marked with a red ship icon will only be available for players who buy the expansion.

On Steam, the patch weighs in at about 22 GB.