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A Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo is coming soon

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo gives you a Magnamalo-sized taste of what to expect in the upcoming RPG expansion when it launches June 30

A free Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo goes live June 14 and gives hunters a chance to explore one of the expansion’s new regions and face off against several of the action RPG‘s vicious monsters. Capcom announced the demo during the Capcom Showcase 2022, where it unveiled the Jungle region, where the demo takes place.

The Jungle in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak makes its return from the franchise’s second generation, repurposed with new endemic life and other changes, including altered environments depending on the time of day. Expect plenty of chances to showcase Sunbreak’s new skills here.

Capcom also showed off a handful of the massive monsters you can expect to face off against. Espinas the thorn dragon is one, making its return from Monster Hunter Frontier. Espinas lulls foes into a false sense of security before showing its true nature and rampaging against all who stand in its way. Gore Magala, Monster Hunter 4’s flagship monster, will also show up in Sunbreak, along with Daimyo Hermitaur and Pyre Rakna Kadaki.

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo includes several quests, training missions, and an extra-tough advanced mission introducing the expansion’s flagship monster.

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  • Beginner rank: Great Izuchi
  • Intermediate rank: Tetranadon
  • Expert rank: Astalos

You can also try a few training missions covering Wyvern Riding, Switch Skills, and combat basics, and all of the demo content is playable solo or in multiplayer.

Sunbreak is just the beginning. In true Monster Hunter fashion, Capcom will continue supporting the game with free title updates. The first is scheduled for August 2022 and will add Lucent Nargacuga and the Forlorn Arena location. Another title update will launch in fall 2022, followed by a third in winter 2022, and more beyond that. Each will add new monsters and subspecies.

Finally, Capcom clarified the requirements for starting Sunbreak. You need 13 GB of storage space to download Sunbreak and must have completed the seven-star quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder.

Make sure to check out whether your PC can handle Monster Hunter Rise before Capcom unleashes Sunbreak on June 30.