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Watch us slay massive beasts in our Monster Hunter: World livestream

For too long we have enviously watched on as our console cousins take on the mantle of the hunter. Now, the latest jaunt to the New World in search of colossal monsters isn’t the only epic journey being undertaken: Monster Hunter: World is the first entry in Capcom’s famous beast bashing series to do the right thing and make its way to the promised lands of PC.

That means it’s time to celebrate the only way we know how, with an epic Monster Hunter: World livestream. Alice and Kelly are live now as they travel the length and breadth of the New World to defeat colossally tough beasties in the name of science – and totally not spending most of the hour in the character creator in an effort to make the cutest damn Palico companion that ever existed.

For previously bereft PC hunters, in Monster Hunter, you and up to three co-op pals take on a grand adventure to a world full of flora and fauna of all types, shapes, and sizes. Once you’ve created your character and selected one of 14 weapon types, your job is to use your tracking skills to find and slay massive monsters, in case you hadn’t guessed. Then you can use the spoils to upgrade your gear and further customise your character.

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