Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s latest festival is all about hunting high fashion

The Full Bloom Festival is on in Iceborne, and it's 'inspired by elegance' - and a lot of flowers

Any time is party time in Monster Hunter, and the latest festival season is now live in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The Full Bloom Fest has begun and will run through May 7, during which time hunters will be able to craft new gear, new layered armour, and complete limited-time quests.

As the name suggests, the Full Bloom Fest features flowers – a lot of flowers. There are flowers set up all over Seliana’s gathering hub, and the new layered sets you can craft using special event tickets is all rose-themed. In another time or place you might call it gaudy, but this is Monster Hunter, where ‘gaudy’ barely moves the needle. Everyone in Seliana looks ready for a fairy tall ball.

The event armour is called Rose (alpha), and you can craft it by earning tickets through daily bounties and login bonuses. Wearing the full set increases your chances of getting VIP tickets while you’re out doing quests and activities, and you can use those to craft new weapon pendants, which are some matching rose bouquets to go with your new rose-covered outfit.

Helpfully, the Monster Hunter Twitter account has provided a peek at what those look like:

If you’ve completed Iceborne’s story campaign, you’ll now also be able to face off against two new monster variants: Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios. To find them, you’ll need to have unlocked all of the Guiding Lands areas and finished the assignment to investigate the Red Dragon. Once those tasks are done, you can speak with the Tracker to pick up quests for the new angry beasts. Both monsters have their own new armour sets to craft, which will make them appealing targets for the hunter who has everything.

As usual with Monster Hunter’s special events, the Full Bloom Fest is a chance to take on previous limited-time quests, so if there’s a piece of cool gear you didn’t have time to track down during a past festival, now’s another chance to do it.