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Monster Hunter: World guide

Guides and helpful tips for Monster Hunter: World players of all abilities

Monster Hunter World guide

If you’re looking for a Monster Hunter: World guide, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at PCGamesN we’ve been through the steep learning curve that Monster Hunter: World presents, and know getting started with such a complicated game can be quite daunting. But fear not, fellow Research Commission hunters; we’ve got a series of guides to help not just beginners, but Monster Hunter players of all grades.

Our comprehensive guides cover all the important bases: how to get started on your adventure, how to capture a beast for research purposes, what weapons you should forge, and which armour you should wear. For those who’ve already plugged in many hours, we’ve got tips for late-game character builds and even a set of recommended challenges for you to try and best.

And, since we’re collecting everything that you’ll need for your Monster Hunter: World adventure in one place, we’ve also got our definitive PC review and our PC performance review. These will give you the full details on why the game is as amazing as everyone keeps telling you it is, plus how well it runs on PC.

Monster Hunter: World guides

Monster Hunter: World beginner’s tips
Finding it difficult to get started? This Monster Hunter: World guide will introduce you to the basics of hunting, crafting, and eating some mighty fine stat-buffing dishes.

Monster Hunter: World weapons guide
Not sure which weapon to use? Our weapons guide has the details on every single weapon type in the game to help you choose the right one for you.

Monster Hunter: World armor guide
Just as vital as your weapon is your armour, and our guide shows you the seven best protective suits that you should aim to craft during your hunting career.

Monster Hunter: World builds guide
As you progress through Monster Hunter: World, your character build becomes increasingly important. Our guide shows off the best builds for late-game hunters.

Monster Hunter: World challenges guide
Need something to keep you occupied after you’ve finished Monster Hunter: World’s most punishing activities? These speedrun challenges are great for high-level players.

Monster Hunter: World reviews

Monster Hunter: World PC review
Find out exactly why Monster Hunter: World is adored by pretty much everyone in our glowing review of the PC version.

Monster Hunter: World PC performance review
Want to know how well Capcom has optimised the PC version of Monster Hunter: World? Our PC performance review dives into the nitty-gritty of the port.

Monster Hunter World farming

Other Monster Hunter: World features

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