Play as Milla Jovovich in the event quests coming to Monster Hunter World

Capcom is celebrating the upcoming Monster Hunter movie with a crossover event that brings Monster Hunter to Monster Hunter World

In an odd turn of events, Monster Hunter World is crossing over with the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Capcom is releasing two limited-time event quests where you’ll have the opportunity to play as Artemis (voiced by Milla Jovovich), the star of the Monster Hunter movie.

The event quests begin similarly to the plot of the movie – US army ranger Captain Artemis finds herself in the world of Monster Hunter after falling through a mysterious portal. Seriously. Though Artemis will be speaking English throughout these event quests, the NPCs in the world will speak in Monster Hunter language. If you’ve watched the Monster Hunter movie trailer, we imagine they’re going for a similar vibe.

The first event quest pits Artemis against a Black Diablos in the Wildspire Waste. Taking down the Diablos rewards you with the materials needed to create the Artemis alpha armour set, the same set she wears in the movie. As for the second quest, Artemis has a much larger challenge on her hands: a giant Rathalos. Defeating this beast will reward you with the materials to craft the Artemis layered armour, also from the movie

You can also earn a special item pack by logging in on November 26 at 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST / November 27 at 00:00 GMT. 

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Here are all the items you can earn when the event begins:

  • Ancient Potion (30)
  • Dust of Life (30)
  • Golden Egg (ten)
  • True Armor Sphere (three)
  • Earplug Jewel+ (one)

The event quests and the item pack will be available until December 2, 2021 at 15:59 PST / 18:59 EST / 23:59 GMT, giving you plenty of time to claim these exclusive rewards. It’s important to note that the item pack can only be redeemed once per character.